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Hoyt H. (Larry) Larison developed his business skills and management theories at Columbia Paint and Coatings Inc., where he served as President and CEO for 31 years. Columbia was a privately owned Architectural and Industrial Coatings company that marketed its products through a network of company-owned distribution centers.

Under Mr. Larison’s leadership, Columbia grew to 10 times its sales level from the time he became CEO, with improved profit margins. The company was sold to the Sherwin Williams Company for the highest price ever paid for a business of its kind, as a multiple of sales, net profit or of EBITDA. At the time of sale Columbia had 41 distribution centers in eight states in the Mountain West and Pacific Northwest, including Alaska.

Columbia Paint and Coatings never had a majority shareholder or a majority of ownership on the payroll. It was operated like a publicly traded company with the shareholders annually electing a Board of Directors and the Board of Directors annually electing Corporate officers to manage the business and report to the Board of Directors.

Columbia officers were re-elected annually based primarily on their ability to contribute to profitably growing the business while maintaining balance sheet strength and integrity. Fifty percent of after-tax profit was paid to shareholders as dividend.

The excellent rate of growth and the ultimate sale of Columbia Paint & Coatings, Inc. is largely attributed to Mr. Larison’s practice and application of Points of Focus and Protocols. Additionally, many organizations for which Mr. Larison served as Director, President and Chairman have successfully employed Points of Focus and Protocols to their advantage. We’ve listed a few below:

  • Director & Chairman of the Board – American Chemet Corporation, Chicago, IL & Helena, MT (Metals-based chemicals manufacturer and marketer with international sales)
  • Managing Partner – Columbia Real Estate Holdings LLC (Real estate investment group)
  • Managing Partner – Lyndale Partnerships/LLC’s (Real estate investment group)
  • Managing Partner – Shareholder Representative LLC (Escrowed fund investments and related transactions for former Columbia Paint & Coatings shareholders)
  • Board of Advisors – Finnaren & Haley, Inc., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Architectural and industrial paint and coatings manufacturer)
  • Director, Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair – Mobius Science Center, Spokane, Washington
  • Director – Federal Reserve Bank Branch of San Francisco, Seattle, Washington
  • Director, Vice Chairman of the Board & Chairman of the Board, Member of the Executive Committee, Member and Vice Chairman – Architectural Coatings Committee, American Coatings Association, the legislative and regulatory advocacy group for the US coatings industry
  • Director and Trustee – National Federation of Independent Business (Largest legislative and regulatory advocacy business organization in U.S., with over 400,000 members)
  • President – Color Guild Incorporated (International association of paint manufacturing firms for the development of color marketing programs)
  • Chairman – Northwest Paint Council (Legislative/regulatory interface in Washington and Oregon for American Coatings Association)
  • Board of Directors, President & Vice President – Guild CPO International (Raw material buying group for regional paint manufacturers)
  • President – Spokane Country Club
  • Presidential Appointee –  White House Conference on Small Business
  • Member – Young President’s Organization (International organization of corporate executives who became president of their corporation prior to age 39)
  • Chairman – Republican National Committee’s Small Business Advisory Council (Developed small business platform positions for second Reagan Presidential election)

Columbia Management System™ has the proprietary combination of Points of Focus and Protocols to help your business achieve Continuous Performance Improvement.