“Columbia Paint and Coatings was one of the most dynamic, successful and best managed companies I have had the pleasure to work with. Larry Larison did a great job of growing value for the Columbia shareholders.”

D. Michael Jones, Former President & CEO of Banner Bank
and Former Director Columbia Paint & Coatings

“Larry Larison did a great job for the shareholders of Columbia Paint and Coatings. Larry’s leadership produced accelerating profitable growth, which led to a very successful sale of the business! One of the best and most organized companies I have ever worked with!”

Thomas Osborne
Former CEO of the Tnemec Company
Former CEO of the Glidden Company and ICI Paints North America
Former Director Columbia Paint & Coatings

“Larry put together a great management team and management system that led Columbia Paint & Coatings to become one of the leading coatings companies in the US and also one of the most profitable. His management style emphasized teamwork, goal setting, planning with follow-up and rewarding goal achievement with recognition and profit based bonus compensation…and it really worked well.”

Eric Schindler
Former CFO Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana
Former Columbia Paint & Coatings CFO

“Larry Larison has been an invaluable member of American Chemet’s Board of Directors and an excellent Chairman of the Board for Chemet. Larry’s management philosophy and participation in our Executive Staff functions have helped American Chemet to achieve its current position as a leading and very profitable producer of Zinc and Copper metals with distribution worldwide.”

W.W. Shropshire Jr.
Chairman of the Board of Directors President and CEO American Chemet Corporation
and Former Director Columbia Paint & Coatings

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