Points of focus

Our business philosophy that empowers growth and which fosters an environment of success…and they can work for any organization.


Ten points of focus strengthen your mission statement by supporting
a culture of continuous performance improvement
  1. Maintain a passionate commitment to profitably grow the business while maintaining a strong balance sheet.
  2. Treat all individuals and organizations we deal with in a fair, honest and ethical manner.
  3. Recognize that each employee is a team member and maintain a strong commitment to team building and team member education.
  4. Identify the “vital few” areas of focus for the organization that represent the greatest opportunity for profit improvement.
  5. Get the “right person” in every position. Leverage each team member’s strengths. Make changes when called for.
  6. Maintain and continuously improve your product offering so that you are the supplier of choice for an expanding customer base.
  7. Implement a thorough, accurate reporting and performance-to-goals review systems.
  8. Maintain a commitment to develop products, programs and initiatives that are designed to maintain and enhance a healthy environment in all the communities and countries in which you operate.
  9. Maintain a commitment to comply with all laws and regulations in all the communities and countries in which you operate.
  10. Strive to be a good “corporate citizen” in all the communities and countries you do business in by participating in activities and organizations that are engaged in helping the environment, ecology and economy, achieve and maintain a process of continuous improvement.