Case StudY

American Chemet Corporation is a USA-based manufacturer and marketer of metal-based chemicals. American Chemet sells its products internationally, some through a network of agents and distributors. American Chemet products are used in marine anti-fouling paints, roofing materials, agricultural chemicals, anti-microbial products, the automotive parts industry, wood treatment and a variety of other industrial and commercial applications.

For more than twenty years, Larry Larison served as a Director, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Audit Committee for American Chemet. During that time American Chemet employed a management system very similar to the Points of Focus and Protocols for Continuous Performance Improvement that are the cornerstone of success in the Columbia Management System™.

During Mr. Larison’s service, American Chemet grew from 21 million pounds of product sold to 74 million pounds sold and profits on sales improved as well.

Columbia Management System has the proprietary combination of Points of Focus and Protocols to help your business achieve Continuous Performance Improvement.